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Rhodes University residence accommodation is available for conference delegates. You can book and pay for this accommodation when you register for the conference. Details are available on the registration page. Should delegates wish to stay in other accommodation, they will need to arrange this themselves. Please see additional information on options for booking accommodation below.

Grahamstown is a small city with few hotels but numerous B&Bs and self-catering options to suit a range of budgets and preferences. Grahamstown and the surrounding areas offer a wide range of accommodation options.  There are game lodges on the outskirts of town (some up to 20-30 km away) and while these offer a relaxed atmosphere, they may require a long daily drive to the conference and back. Closer to, and in town, are a range of specialised Guest Houses and there are also a couple of hotels (three star).  

As Grahamstown is a small town, please book early. 

Grahamstown/Makhanda accommodation

The best site to find out about the variety of accommodation options is .  Here you can look up the guest houses and hotels. 

Some recommended accommodation options within walking distance of the University campus include:

Other links to accommodation can also be found at: . This site offers an accommodation finding service, which may help you select suitable accommodation. Again, try to identify accommodation close to the university within walking distance.  

Rhodes University Residences

For those seeking more cost-effective accommodation on the university campus, single rooms are available in the university’s residences. 

  • All guests are hosted by a team of committed hand-picked sub wardens, who are trained to assist Conference guests, and to make our guests’ stay as pleasant as possible
  • Accommodation is provided in student residences and designed to accommodate the student lifestyle, i.e. rooms comprise furniture suitable for student needs at University
  • Almost all accommodation is in single rooms. A few twin-bedded rooms are available in some of the residences.
  • Bathing, showering and toilet facilities, with hot water, are available in shared bathrooms (Males and females have separate bathroom facilities) .
  • Bedding is provided.   This comprises a covered duvet and blanket (when required), fitted bottom sheet and two pillows.   Additional blankets are available on request
  • Catering: A buffet breakfast is served in a nearby dining hall.
  • Towels and soap are provided.
  • Shaving plugs, two pronged plugs and double adapters are NOT available.
  • It is recommended you bring your own torch.
  • Rooms are serviced daily, unless requested otherwise.
  • Tea/coffee is available every evening, on a self-service basis in the common room/lounge within each residence.
  • Every residence has its own ‘common room’ /lounge where guests are welcome to watch television, (including DSTV), read a book or network with other conference delegates.
  • Animals are not permitted in the residences.

Rhodes Residences Booking Cost

Single R 570 per person per night B&B


Rhodes University Campus

Other Accommodation Options

  1. Please follow the link for more Bed and Breakfast accommodation options:
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