Submission Guidelines

Pedagogies in Context

Submissions should address the conference theme in some way.

  • The call for submissions suggests a few key questions for consideration. [ Key Questions ]
  • You might also like to indicate how your abstract connects to the ideas raised in the Keynote Speakers’ abstracts. (click Abstract Tab) [ Keynote Speakers ]
  • Please note that the final deadline for submissions is: 29 July 2019

Types of Submissions:

  • Oral paper (20 min): Ongoing or completed work which contributes to our understanding of our contexts, our use of theory and/or our practice.
  • Flipped paper (20 min): Scholarly paper made available online to conference participants before the session. The presenter then briefly introduces key points made in the paper and provides a set of questions to stimulate discussion among attendees.
  • Critical dialogue panel (60 min): Input on a specific topic by a panel of experts, followed by a group dialogue.
  • Poster presentation: Posters depict research or a work-in-progress using text and graphics and are concise and thought-provoking.
    Posters should be a maximum of A1 in size.
  • Pre-conference workshop: A hands-on workshop related to the conference theme. Participants should be actively involved in the session. (range from 120 – 240 minutes)

Criteria for submissions:

1. Pre-conference Workshop

Proposal abstracts should include:

  • Title of workshop: please make this is practical and to-the-point so that attendees know what to expect
  • Relevance of content: content of workshop must link to conference theme or sub-theme
  • Workshop activities: indicate what attendees will do/learn/engage with during the workshop
  • Practical details: preferred duration of workshop, number of participants, required resources
  • Keywords: 4 keywords/phrases

2. Oral Paper, Flipped Papers and Poster Presentations

Abstracts should include:

  • Title of paper/poster: please keep this short and to the point so that attendees know what to expect
  • Relevance to conference: content of paper must link to conference theme and/or sub-theme(s)
  • Content of presentation: abstract should address:
    • context and existing literature
    • theories, approaches, methodologies informing study
    • methods
    • possible results and implications
  • Keywords: 4 keywords/phrases 

3. Critical Dialogue Session

These 60 minute sessions should focus on a specific topic by a panel of experts on a current higher education issue related to the theme of the conference:
‘Pedagogies in Context’. 

  • Proposal abstracts should include:
  • Title for the session that clearly indicates the issue to be discussed
  • Name of panel members
  • Description of the issue, its context, relevance to main theme and/or sub theme(s)
  • Possible questions that could be discussed
  • 4 keywords/phrases


  1. Download the submission formhere
  2. Upload your completed submission:  here
  3. You will receive a automated notification acknowledging receipt of your submission.
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